• this course is developed considering moodle 2.0+ version
    to train all universities admin under HETC project
  • This is developing version of the course Effective Use of Learning Management Systems (LMS) for Teachers
    developed as an assignment for HETC considering all universities
  • This course on web development is a brief introduction to the most common methods of adding useful, interactive and dynamic elements which can be used to develop websites. This will be an online course which helps the learner to obtain the basic skills on web development. We strongly advice learners to do all the given activities in order to successfully complete this course.

  • The Online Facilitation course provides the basic skills and knowledge required to deliver content via discussion, much in the same way a presenter/teacher/facilitator works in a face-to-face environment. In this course you will learn how to be an online facilitator as well as train others to be online facilitators. Through this learning experience you will gain what it takes to be an online facilitator. The online facilitation course develops the skills and knowledge required to effectively use online technologies to communicate in a meaningful and collaborative way to meet common learning objectives.

  • This course provides the basic skills and knowledge required for site administrators to perform an important function of managing the LMS site on a day-to-day basis. They often have exclusive access to settings and options that can impact dramatically on the experience of participants within courses and the degree to which the LMS site aligns with the wider objectives of the organization.
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