• Problem solving and logical analysis is the heart of computing. Lack of knowledge and the competence in these important areas will result in difficulties in analyzing problems, formal manipulation of symbols, understanding proofs, programming, understanding current algorithm, developing algorithms etc.

    This course is designed to provide the basic knowledge of the mathematical concepts essential for problem solving.

    It also aims at developing confidence, competence and necessary analytical skills together with required background knowledge for a student to pursue advance mathematical concepts that they will encounter in different modules of the entire degree programme and the future problem solving ability on the working environment.

  • Programming I introduces programming methodologies using basic programming notions. In this course, the Java language is used as the medium to practically familiarize students with taught concepts in programming (Java is widely used around the world as a language to introduce programming theory).

    This course teaches you how to write Java applications. You will learn Java language concepts also found in other programming languages, such as variables, iterations, control statements, methods, arrays and object-oriented theory.

    The participants who successfully complete this course will be able to design and develop programs for specified tasks using Java.
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  • Systems analysis and design mainly concerns the process of developing a computerized solution to a business problem. There are no secrets or magic in this process. Though nor perfect tools, techniques or methods available, there are skills to be mastered. However, the complete and consistent application of such skills is still an art that should be achieved through constant practice. This course introduces fundamental concepts of Systems analysis and design and their relationships with real world Business environment.
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