IT4103 - Programming II

This course is designed as a continuation of the Programming I course in the Semester 2 of the first year. Those who learnt fundamentals of programming can enhance their knowledge after following the Programming II module in which two distinct parts are introduced. From section one to section four, learner can gain exposure to the basic requirements of Java language including database connectivity. Therefore, the learner will get an idea of programming with regard to a single programming language as a whole and master their skills to match their own requirements. From section 5 to section 11, the learner is given an opportunity to familiarize with the way data is structured in the computer memory and how to formulate an algorithm to handle such data. Therefore, after following these sections, the learner would gain knowledge on how to structure data. In order to master these areas, the learner is given the knowledge on applications and applets, how to create graphical user interfaces, and how to handle events which interacts with the interfaces. The learner will be able to identify the features of Java applications including access to databases. The learner will also be given an opportunity to apply stacks, queues, lists, trees and graphs paving ways to familiarize himself/herself with data structures. Finally, searching and sorting algorithms are discussed in detail.

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