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ActiveUsers 0.3 released!
by Admin User - Thursday, 6 December 2007, 06:14 PM
The 3rd release of the moodle block, ActiveUsers, developed by Rashan is now ready for testing. You may download this from the moodle plug-ins download area.
The new block has the following new features;
  • The block heading can be customized
  • The number of users to be displayed can be configured
  • Can add multiple instances to the same page
  • A starting date and/or an ending date can be configured for analysis
  • Pre-defined templates for time ranges (current year, current month, current week and the current day)
  • Localized to Sinhala (si)
A demonstration of this module can be seen in this site ( "All-Time Active Users" and "Active Users of the Day" blocks)
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